Cell Phones and Special Needs Teenagers
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Help Your Teenager By Being A Bad Mom

Jackie - October 17, 2016
Helping Teenagers Cope

I’m A Bad Mom I let my son blame things on me. He can tell his friends at any time that I’m “making him come home.” If he’s out at a party, or get together, and becomes sensory overloaded or is having extreme anxiety, he can use me to save face with his friends.  Basically, he uses me to excuse himself from the situation.   I’m …

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Create New Habits With Your Teenager

Jackie - October 10, 2016
Create New Habits

Discovering the Need to Create New Habits With Your Teenager We all get into patterns and habits that feel right to us and they work.  But as we evolve, and our kids grow up, what worked before, suddenly isn’t working anymore. Such as, we went to sushi the other night and my teenager with ASD whiped out his phone and watched Youtube at the table. …

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Autism Moms and Sleep

Jackie - October 3, 2016
Autism Moms and Sleep

Autism Moms and Sleep (Or Lack There Of) Where my girls at?  Or shall I say fellow zombies?  Ever feel like you haven’t slept in over a decade?  That’s me. Autism Moms and sleep are two words that don’t often go together. My teenager on the autism spectrum rarely sleeps, so therefore neither do I.  And he sleepwalks…which scares me to death (we have stairs …

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Teenage Fear, Anxiety, and Paranoia

Jackie - September 26, 2016
Teenage Fear

Teenage Fear Temple Grandin says people with autism have a slightly bigger fear box (source). Though we haven’t had a brain scan, my son has lived with constant fear his entire life.  Currently, teenage fear effects EVERY aspect of his life. How he crosses the street. How he navigates through school. What he ruminates about. Why he doesn’t sleep. Everything! Living in constant fear has …

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Cell Phones and Special Needs Teenagers

Jackie - September 19, 2016
Cell Phones and Special Needs Teenagers

Cell Phones and Special Needs Teenagers Teenagers are on social media.  All of them!  Add in developmental or cognitive challenges and social media becomes far more complex. It’s up to the parents to help these kids navigate through this entire world that is inside their phones.  Yes, it seems like an invasion of privacy, but honestly, their safety should come first. Teenagers and Social Media My …

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Healthier Teen Beauty Choices You’ll Love

Jackie - September 12, 2016
Healthy Teen Beauty Options

Teen Beauty Problems! Teenagers with SPD and/or autism want to look and feel their best too. But what if they have the MTHFR gene mutation, or they have sensory sensitivities to products?  How can they look their best without their eyes burning?!?!  Are you concerned about healthier teen beauty choices??? A recent study where 100 Latina teens were tested after just 3 days of using …

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Use Senses To Keep Kids Present

Jackie - August 25, 2016
Kids Stay Present

Keep Kids Present Some kids and teenagers on the autism spectrum are always planning ahead.  Okay, I’m always planning ahead too, but I’ve gotten better at being present.  You know, practicing the ancient saying, “Be Here Now.”  But how do you help your kiddos enjoy the moment? Our Awakening Recently, we went on vacation to Safari West, a 400 acre animal sanctuary where you can …

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