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The Jeffersons Taught My Son with Autism Social Skills

Social Skills The Jeffersons

He responded to George’s outlandish behavior and was able to understand his exaggerated body language and facial cues. It all clicked when he watched his favorite show, The Jeffersons. When my son was in fourth grade, I purchased social skills DVDs and had been trying to teach him to read peoples’ body language, gestures, and social cues. He found the animated videos to be boring …

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My Autistic Son and I (As Apple and Tree)

My Autistic Son and I

When my son was young I went to an autism conference, the speaker said during their presentation, “Autistic kids don’t fall far from the tree,” and everyone in the room clapped and agreed with him.  Last week, I was reading an article that again read, “Autistic children do not fall far from the tree,” meaning they take after their parents. And when I saw the …

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Taking the EGO Out of the IEP

IEP Meeting

With a teenage child in middle school, I’ve attended my share of IEP meetings. It’s an evolutionary process that you become more comfortable with in time, maybe because I’ve been in the same school district and know what to expect.  I also know the laws and both my rights as a parent and my child’s rights as a student. IEPs are emotional. As parents we …

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When Our School District Said No Inclusion, We Moved

Inclusion Matters

He refused clothes, except a pair of striped socks, and was non-verbal at 3 years old, when we first entered the school system. Barking, like our family dog, was his form of communication, as he hid under the nearest table. Needless to say, our school district intake meeting did not go well. My son refused to participate in their tests, but he did play with …

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Using Humor To Cope with New

Using Humor To Cope

New can be a four letter word when your child has autism or sensory processing issues, or maybe is just shy or an introvert.  New classes, new school, new therapist, new friends, new foods.  New.  New.  New.  Everyday there is something new thrown at our kids, and unless it’s a new object of desire (like a gadget or a pet), then NEW is not welcomed …

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Why You Want A New Hobby for your ASD Kiddo This Summer

Autism Summer Hobby

I recently read that new hobbies of dyslexic children can point to careers, and so as a mom, I assume the same for my child on the autism spectrum.  Why wouldn’t a hobby grow into something as fabulous as a career?  That chess obsession teaches strategy, which could blossom into forensic detective aspirations, or all that Lego Star Wars movie making could turn him into …

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We Hated Our Teacher This Year…And It Was Awesome!

We Hated Our Teacher This Year and It Was Awesome

We’ve been blessed with amazing teachers who have absolutely adored my son, in fact, we’ve been beyond lucky with our school district in general.  We moved to this particular district for the amazing schools, and our teachers have been off-the-charts fabulous.  But last year I started to question if my son was actually earning his grades, or just had the teacher wrapped around his cute …

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You Can Be A Social Detective App Review

YOU CAN BE A SOCIAL DETECTIVE App by Social Thinking *Please note:  I do not have companion book or CD, which would be great for reinforcement.  This app is the 1st level of the You Are A Social Detective CD. SET UP: I downloaded the You Can be A Social Detective App to my Iphone5S from the iTunes Store.   After the introduction, you’re asked to …

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When YouTube Celebrities Become Your ASD Kiddos Friends

Internet Kids Never Sleep

I’m aware that no two teenagers with autism are the same, but there are some familiar themes, just like with anyone else.  And since autism is so completely fascinating in itself, I’m always amazed when I learn yet another nuance. One thing we’ve always worked on is reality vs. not reality.  For example, my son used to think SpongeBob was real. Obviously, he was young, …

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