Disneyland Sensory Tips

The 7 Best Disneyland Tips and Most Random!

Disneyland Tips Granny On a Bench

I grew up visiting Disneyland often and now I’m lucky enough to take my kids! Here is a collection of the best Disneyland tips that are somewhat random, but I promise they will help your day be more magical. Especially if visiting the park is a rare occasion for you and your family. 1. Granny on a Bench Bring your granny (or grandpa) to Disneyland …

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Social Skills at Disneyland

Disneyland Social Skills

What better place to practice social skills than Disneyland? Kids are motivated to try new things there and the cast members are paid to be nice (most are anyways!). Here are some ideas to try  during your next trip, and maybe this will help convince your significant other that the trip to Disneyland is necessary sensory therapy. Whatever works, right?!? Interact with Cast Members In …

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Disneyland Halloween Sensory Edition

Disneyland Halloween

I’m not a scream queen, I don’t like scary. At all. But Halloween can be fun and Disney does it without freaking anyone out. This is great for our sensory avoiders, who like to control their sensory input as much as possible. The seekers get thrills too here, so there’s Disneyland Halloween Sensory Fun for everyone, no matter your sensory preference. Sensory Experiences at Disneyland …

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Disneyland Summer Tips: 8 Best Places to Cool Down

Disneyland Summer Tips

Disneyland Summer Tips August is here and it’s blazing in Southern California.  We’re a super sensory sensitive family, so when it’s hot, we get way over heated.  But we love Disneyland, so where do you find some shade at the park when it’s sun scorching hot?  There are many places that have either shade, or air-conditioning.  So plan ahead, or find the closest when your …

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