Sensory Holidays

Are You Sensory Compatible?

Sensory Compatible

Do you prefer a candlelight dinner with soft music playing and your significant other gets turned on by bungee jumping off a bridge?  Yikes! What if you desire tight, bear hugs and your love doesn’t like to cuddle or spoon? In fact, some people don’t like to be touched at all except on the rare occasion. What if he wants the ceiling fan on high …

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Thanksgiving Can Suck With SPD

Thanksgiving SPD

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a GRATEFUL person ALL year and while I respect the Thanksgiving holiday and traditions, I dread the upcoming event like a gynecology appointment. It may be good for me, but it’s awkward and uncomfortable. While individuals with SPD have extremely different aversions, I’ll list mine below. Some seekers may crave all of the things I detest. We are all that …

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Pre-Holiday Purging For Happy Senses

Pre-Holiday Purge For Happy Senses

It’s common knowledge that a clutter-free home is good for your mind, but what about your other senses? Think about your visual sense and how taxing it is to see toys, mail, and stuff everywhere. Do your stress levels rise when you see all the cleaning and organizing you need to do? Is it hard to think straight when a laundry pile is on your office desk, …

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A Sensory Halloween: Costumes, Crafts, and Trick-or-Treating

Sensory Halloween

Prepping For SENSORY Halloween experiences If your child has a sensitive sensory system, it’s best to prep them for new experiences and they can ground themselves and self-regulate before hand. Perhaps jumping on the trampoline, or on the couch if that’s your thing, before going Trick-of-Treating will help cam them. Talk to them before scary characters jump out of the bushes, or watch YouTube videos …

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