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Disneyland Summer Tips: 8 Best Places to Cool Down

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Disneyland Summer Tips

Disneyland Summer Tips

August is here and it’s blazing in Southern California.  We’re a super sensory sensitive family, so when it’s hot, we get way over heated.  But we love Disneyland, so where do you find some shade at the park when it’s sun scorching hot?  There are many places that have either shade, or air-conditioning.  So plan ahead, or find the closest when your kiddos (or you) start to melt.

***Try to find a spot before anyone in your family overheats. Plan to take cool down breaks, especially during the afternoon when the sun is relentless. And drink lots of water (there are many drinking fountains, or free water when you ask for a cup at many of the restaurants).  I also find that my kids need to eat a lot more when we’re walking around the park all day, it’s a lot of exercise!

1. Big Thunder Ranch.

This is not to be confused with the train ride.  This is north of Big Thunder ride, and East of Fantasyland, where you’ll find the petting zoo and an old farm house. There is lots of shade and cool breeze.  Bring your kids inside where they’ll find big crayons and coloring sheets, or get in tune with your inner child and color yourself.  It’s super calming and a great escape from the chaos.  You can continue North to Big Thunder Ranch Barbecue where they not only have food, but a few of the characters ususally hang out their for photo ops.

2.  Enchanted Tiki Room.

Grab a pineapple Dole whip and have a seat while enjoying the air conditioning and the lights dimmed.  If it’s not crowded, you can even lay on the bench in the back and have a siesta. ***Note that there is a lot of singing from the birds, so it’s not quiet, but it’s very cool and will definitely bring your temperature down if you’re feeling the heat.

3.  It’s A Small World

Use a fast pass, or wait in line to ride a boat through It’s A Small World.  They keep the air conditioning cranking in there and the boat moves at a leisurely pace.  Yes, the song gets stuck in your head, but it’s worth it when you’ve got to find an escape from the sun.  Plus, it’s sure to make you smile.

4.  Baby Care Center

If you have a little one, leave your significant other to ride Dumbo again with your toddler and take a rest in the baby center.  It’s at the end of Main Street, by the corn dogs.  Yum! It is quiet in there with an area to nurse, feed, or change your baby.  There’s a small book area to have some down time and cool off if you bring your toddler in too.  Take advantage if needed, it can be a lifesaver.

5.  Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough

Underneath the pink Castle in the center of the park, there is a breezeway that is cool from the stones, wind, and shade.  It’s not air conditioned, but it’s much cooler then standing in the sun. Take a tour of the castle, or just find a spot out of the way and camp out for a bit.

6. Hungry Bear Restaurant
Underneath the restaurant is a completely shaded area and it’s on the water, so there’s a pretty view.  Watch the boats and ducks play while you sit down, take a load off, and relax.  It’s a contained area, so the kiddos can run around a little bit, as long as they stay away from the water. There are bathrooms there too.  It’s super close to Winnie The Pooh, so you can always jump on that ride for a minute and then return to the shade.

7.  Golden Horse Shoe

This old time saloon  is two stories and has lots of seating for their performances.  Tuck inside and grab a seat.  There’s air conditioning and the show is great. Enjoy Walt’s famous chili and ice cream sundaes if you so desire, but you don’t have to eat to have a seat.

8.  EO 2.0: A Classic Revamped

17 minutes of air-conditioning!  This is the Michael Jackson 3D show over in Tomorrowland, and by far the longest stretch of cool air when you want to escape the sun.  Warning: those songs will stir up some serious nostalgic memories and get stuck in your head.

***As a bonus here are two places to cool off at California Adventure***

First Stop: The Disney Animation Studio, where you can have a conversation with Nemo’s friend at Turtle Talk With Crush, visit the Sorcerer’s Workshop, and the Animation Academy. Don’t be surprised to find men lined up sleeping, laying down along the edges of the wall (funny how similar they look to the 7 dwarfs).  And Second: Disney’s Aladdin – A Musical Spectacular.  Not only is it an amazing show sure to delight the entire family, it’s like sitting in a refrigerator for an hour.

Where do you cool off on hot days at Disneyland?  Do you have any Disneyland Summer Tips to share???