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Healthy Teen Beauty Options

Teen Beauty Problems!

Teenagers with SPD and/or autism want to look and feel their best too. But what if they have the MTHFR gene mutation, or they have sensory sensitivities to products?  How can they look their best without their eyes burning?!?!  Are you concerned about healthier teen beauty choices???

A recent study where 100 Latina teens were tested after just 3 days of using more natural products (shampoo, perfume, personal care products, etc) showed they had a significantly lower amount of hormone disrupting chemicals in their bodies.  Just 3 days of healthier products made a huge difference.  See the results here.

Possible Signs Your Teen Is Suffering For Beauty

  • Skin rashes, Eyes burning or redness, Nose running
  • Acne worsening, Eczema flaring up
  • Sleeplessness, Anxiety, Aggression, lethargy

*Remember* the products we use have tons of chemical compounds and that can take its toll on any body.

Healthier Teen Beauty Choices

Here are some gentler alternatives that may be easier for your teen to detox and may cause less irritation.  Always talk to your doctor about what is best for you and your family!  These are just some suggestions that have worked for my teenager with SPD and me.

I’ve recently found Madison Reed for those of you who want to dye your hair.  It’s the first hair dye I’ve found that doesn’t burn my scalp and it smells good!  They’ll help you pick the best color for you, so have fun with it.

I love that there are no parabens, ammonia, PPD, resorcinol, or gluten in the Madison Reed hair products.  All orders are online, but they arrive with shampoo, conditioner, and fancy wipes and gloves.  It’s more like a hair treatment and the results leave my hair shiny and fabulous.  And I pay through, so it’s super easy!

Washes, moisturizers, make-up and sunscreen…a lot goes onto our face!  After having acne for a number of years and trying a gazillion products that only made it worse, I finally gave up.  For weeks I washed my face with only hot water and the crazy thing is that it totally cleared up.  And I’m not the only one.  Read about the no soap face experiment here.


Sometimes if my face feels irritated, I’ll wash it with honey. It’s soothing and makes my face super soft.  It’s sticky and gets in your hair, so make sure you pull it back before using.  Find out about honey’s benefits here.  Grab some at your local farmer’s market or try this organic raw brand.

Make Up

There are so many crazy chemicals in make-up and studies are showing just how bad some of these products are for us.   A fantastic option is DIY make-up!  Most of the ingredients are already in your kitchen, they won’t harm you, and they smell amazing.  Cookies anyone?!?  Find great tutorials on how to make your own blush and bronzer here to get you started.


I used to avoid sunscreen because I was nervous about the inevitable break outs from wearing it.  Burn my skin to death and risk skin cancer or get cancer and break outs from chemicals?!?!  What’s a girl to do?  But now I use amazing sunscreens that won’t kill me or cause break outs.  Here are two I’ve had success with and I don’t even look like a ghost after applying. Coola in Tinted Cream or Coola in Pina Colada Spray, or EltMd (it’s clear!), which was recommended by my dermatologist.


Always be mindful that your skin absorbs what you put on it, sending it directly into your blood stream.  Scary to think of all those toxins going right into your body, isn’t it?!? Learn more here.

Instead of reaching for the fragrant lotion, use an amazing oil to moisturize your skin.  Holy guacamole, I love avocado oil more than any synthetic product.  My skin drinks it up and looks fantastic!  Learn some of the benefits of olive oil here.

My favorite avocado oil is Now, and since I buy it in bulk because I go through it so fast, this avocado oil. I keep almond oil on hand for days when I want a lighter oil.  And Coconut Oil is my go to make up remover. Try the oils that work best for you, and add a few drops of essential oil for a pleasing smell.


People often forget how your clothes soak up laundry detergents and chemicals and then you wear them all day, inhaling the gases and fragrance, and absorbing the chemicals into your skin.  Learn more about how your laundry could be poisoning you here.  BUT good news is, there’s plenty of healthy options for you and your family to choose from.

I’m a fan of Eco Nuts, but if you want to stay with a laundry powder Oxiclean Free is amazing.  It gets out stains like nobodies business and your clothes are fresh as can be.  And I never have to worry about my son having an SPD reaction to either laundry option!


I honestly can’t stand any synthetic fragrance.  From perfumes to body sprays, they’re all toxic headache inducers for me.  Instead, I rely on essential oils to smell divine.  I love so many of them and I wear them according to my moods. Peppermint some days, Lemon on others.  Vanilla too.  If I want to smell like the more gorgeous flower in the world I dab Cape Malva by Rain onto my neck and wrists.  Yum!

***Some people have harsh reactions to essential oils, so please take note of how you’re feeling and make sure you talk to your doctor about any medications you’re taking and their combination with the oils.  Never can be too careful!  Learn about some of the possible side effects from essential oils here.

Healthier Teen Beauty Choices Make a HUGE Dif

Over time, our bodies build up what we can not rid our selves of.  If your child has the MTHFR Gene Mutation, they may not be clearing up to 70 % of the toxic build up in their bodies.  Do them and yourselves a huge favor and avoid the chemicals all together.  Yes, water is a chemical, I get that.  I’m talking about synthetic, cancer causing, products that may be detrimental to your health.

Healthier Teen Beauty Choices Are Affordable!

You don’t have to break the bank to be healthy and beautiful, I promise.  I’m as frugal as can be, but I value my health and want my teenager with SPD to thrive, and so I budget and spend what is necessary so that he can look and feel great.

Pick Your Poisons

We are all going to have our beauty vices such as hair dye and make-up.  Understandably, you and your teen may want to try products that aren’t necessarily good for you.  I get it!  As long as you’re not wearing products that make your skin bleed, or give you a headache, then you’re probably okay.  Again, I’m not a doctor, just a mom, so make sure to run your beauty regimen by your physician if you have any concerns.

Does your teenager have autism, SPD, and/or MTHFR gene mutation? Then some beauty products may be hard on their systems. Healthier Teen Beauty Choices here.