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Pre-Holiday Purging For Happy Senses

My Autistic Son and I
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Pre-Holiday Purge For Happy Senses

It’s common knowledge that a clutter-free home is good for your mind, but what about your other senses? Think about your visual sense and how taxing it is to see toys, mail, and stuff everywhere. Do your stress levels rise when you see all the cleaning and organizing you need to do? Is it hard to think straight when a laundry pile is on your office desk, waiting to be folded, but you don’t have room or time for anything? Perhaps smells from a refrigerator that isn’t quite sparkling clean anymore are going unnoticed on a conscious level, but putting you in a bad mood when you get a whiff.

Try a Pre-Holiday Purge For Happy Senses!

Follow these steps and see if you physically, emotionally, and cognitively feel better. You just may enjoy your holiday season even more after Pre-Holiday Purging.

Mind Cleanse

Give your mind a break by following any of the master de-cluttering gurus advice. Whether you pick an hour a weekend, or a full day to power through, schedule the time and make it happen.

I try to set aside time each weekend up until Thanksgiving. That way I ensure I’ll give each room the attention it needs. That’s 3 weeks from now! You can do it.

Weed through clutter, including:

  • Any broken toys, games with missing pieces, have necessary puzzle funerals (those pieces are long gone).
  • Clothes that no longer fit, or anything you don’t wear, little things like the single sock club (unless you’re Pinteresty and are gonna make those socks into puppets (this year – not in the year 2034) let them go!
  • Kitchen gadgets you don’t use, mis-matched dishware, vases collecting dust, that dreaded junk drawer!
  • Table and counters. If you’re using your space for homework, art projects, work, or anything other than eating, clear it off. It’s amazing how fast junk accumulates and that school event probably already happened.
  • Bathroom/medicine cabinet purge means tossing any make-up or medicine that is expired. Haven’t used that silver eyeliner in three years? Toss it.
  • Living room. Video game or DVD pile up? Magazines or newspapers stashed for the future when you have time? Projects waiting for attention for when you’re watching TV? Clear it all away so you can breath.

Once you’ve cleared away the clutter, this is where you are really gonna FEEL a difference. 

Sensory Detox

You may want to write this info down so you have it to reference during your sensory detox.

Think about which room of your home you feel the best in? Is it your bedroom? Why? The comfy bed, the soft, fuzzy blanket, the tv on the wall, the books on your night stand. What makes it your sensory paradise?

Now, how could you make that room even more sensory friendly? The reason Man Cave’s and She Shed’s are so popular is because we NEED a place to recharge our sensory batteries.

What would make your favorite room even better for you?

  • Dimmer or brighter light bulbs? Or nighttime bulbs that promote sleep!
  • Laundry off the treadmill? In fact, remove the treadmill to the garage if it’s just being used as a clothes hanger. Perhaps some soothing pictures on the wall would be relaxing.
  • Maybe some colorful throw pillows.
  • You can try placing some cotton balls with your favorite essential oils into the vents.
  • Or maybe some homemade cinnamon potpourri into your drawers would be soothing.

This doesn’t have to be an expensive overhaul, just some sensory changes. Think about really making this room, whether it’s your office, kitchen, or whatever, into your sensory haven. What can you do to make this the place where your rejuvenate your senses or escape to when you need a sensory break? Do it!

Sensory Styling The Home

Next, walk through your home and if there is any place that you feel agitated or uncomfortable take note. Stay in that spot and really process what is bothering you. Is it the pictures on the wall? Perhaps it’s time to take that family photo down where you think about how your husband made you so angry that day. Is it the lighting causing you a headache? Is it the way the hutch is crammed against the wall so you can’t pull out the drawer?

I know it can be challenging to just toss some items out, especially if you’re sentimentally attached in some way, or you feel you spent too much money on it just to get rid of it. But your sensory systems’ well being is more important than any stuff. Think about the price of your sanity.

Really pay attention to your body and how it feels in each room. It may take a while to figure out exactly what the problem is, but stay with it until you figure it out. For me, I hated one room in our home until we got rid of the low hanging light and got a ceiling fan close to the ceiling. It opened up the room for me and I could breath. A lot of times it is a noise that’s bothering you. Is this refrigerator hum loud, or perhaps high pitched? Does a faucet drip? Some lights have a vibrating frequency that can get under your skin.

The Family’s Sensory Needs

Once you’ve taken care of your immediate sensory needs, now thing about your family. It’s kind of like the airlines where they recommend putting on your oxygen mask first, then saving everyone else.

What about your spouse or partner’s sensory needs? Would they benefit if you painted the master bedroom a soothing color? Or perhaps cleaned all of your toiletries out of the cluttered shower? Talk about the different things in the house that are making them uncomfortable.  What a great holiday gift to be able to help out their sensory system too!

Your kiddos have sensory needs as well. Would they benefit if the front entry of your home was cleaned out? Would it be easier to find their backpacks and supplies in the morning before school? Are their Spongebob sheets scratchy? Or their blanket to heavy?

If your child is autistic, do they have a sensory room they prefer? Has it become stuffed with dirty pants and papers from school? Do you have a sensory sensitive child who may benefit from a crash pad in their room? Or some baskets to separate stuff and store in their closet? Often children are sensitive to many textures, sounds, smells, and things that we’re not even aware of. By being a sensory detective, you can help your children feel more comfortable in their homes and skin.

What Pre-Holiday purging are your going to commit to? What needs to be done to give yourself a sensory haven? Let us know, or ask about your particular situation if you’d like some ideas.

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