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Sensitive Sam Book Review

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Sensitive Sam

Sensitive Sam: Sam’s Sensory Adventure Has a Happy Ending!

Written and illustrated by Marla Roth-Fisch

I purchased this book when my son was a little younger to discuss his sensory issues.  What a huge help it turned out to be.  My son could relate to the way Sam felt and the sensory issues that he has. It made him feel good to see that other kids can feel that way too.

Sensitive Sam starts at home and covers a myriad of common sensory sensitivities including smells, sounds, hygiene, and getting dressed.  It travels outside for community sensory challenges and weather concerns.  Next, Sam takes through the many sensory obstacles inside the classroom and showed that it wasn’t that Sam had behavior problems, he had sensory issues!  Sam works with an OT and is put on a sensory diet, empowering Sam and his family to feel better.

This book was educational while being fun with great pictures. I think it will help a lot of families understand sensory processing issues.  There are definitions and website resources listed in the back of the book.  It’s also hopeful and explains that you can help yourself and your child feel better with sensory integration.

I’d recommend it for elementary school aged children, and children on the autism spectrum who have sensory processing disorder.  The book can also be used for older children, but be sure to explain its geared towards younger children and families.

Also recommended for OTs, therapists, and teachers to have in the classroom.  Your kiddos will benefit from reading Sensitive Sam: Sam’s Adventure has a Happy Ending. Get your copy here!