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Sensitive Sam Visits the Dentist

Written and illustrated by Marla Roth-Fisch

I’ll admit it, I’m a dental chicken.  My dental phobias developed as a result of a horrific childhood dental experience and I’ve never recovered from it.  That said, I’ve found a wonderful dentist that makes me calm.  So, add my dental hesitation with a child with SPD and we make a dental nightmare.

Thank goodness for Sensitive Sam Visits the Dentist.

What’s in the Book?

This is not just a “let’s go to the dentist book.”  It’s packed with information and tips from sensory experts (OTs, SLPs, PTs), dentist and hygienist, and parents who have been there.  I have so many take aways from this (for my kid and myself!)  It will also be a helpful resource to bring to your children’s dentist.

For your Kiddo

Whether your child has sensory processing disorder, autism, or any special needs, this book will help them understand why they’re going to the dentist, what will happen there, and how this effects them.

The story of Sam follows him from home to the dentist, covering the waiting room, the dental chair, the overhead bright light, bibs, flavors and smells of toothpaste, water sprays, electric toothbrushes and tools, and dental hygiene.

Sam experiences x-rays, a shot (listed as a pinch – no SHOT is shown), and headphones are used to help with the drill sounds.  It’s a positive experience for Sam, who leaves with a healthy mouth.

For Parents

Beginning with an excellent forward by Carrie Rothstein-Fisch, PhD (seriously, read this, super helpful), you will learn where to find six major topics for discussion and learning around dentistry that will demystify the mouth for your child.  I also appreciate how she explains parents set the tone for dental health – which is so true!

Second, tips are pointed to throughout the book with a page number to flip to. These 15 tips are awesome and cover many things I hadn’t thought of.

Next you’ll find 17 parent and expert tips of what has worked for them and or their clients (I’m one of the 17!).  This shows how different our kids are and that there are many different things to try to personalize the dental experience for your child.

You’ll also find tips from Dr. Temple Grandin and Dr. Lucy Jane Miller.

For Dental Professionals

This is a great resource for dentists and hygienists, and even the front desk receptionist who also sets the tone for your child’s dental experience.  Many wonderful dentists know how to work with our kids with special needs, but some don’t, so this book can start the dialog and help them see how the bright lights and sounds may unnerve our kids.

For OTs, PTs, and SLPs

For these fabulous therapists that always have the magical answers, this is yet another rabbit they can pull out of their therapist’s kits.  When parents are frustrated or struggling to find resources, it’s often the therapists that know where to look.  Add this to your arsenal.

As I mentioned before, being a dental chicken added another level stress of taking my SPD kiddo to the dentist, so I appreciate this resource.  It helps me be a better parent and it helps my son have a successful dental lifestyle.

Get your copy of Sensitive Sam Visits the Dentist here.

Sensitive Sam Visits the Dentist


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