Finding A Sensory Friendly Dentist

Sensory Friendly Dentist

Parent Question from Amy W. How do I go about finding a sensory friendly dentist? Answer by Marla Roth-Fisch, Author Sensitive Sam Visits the Dentist Prior to hearing the words “open wide” from a dentist preforming a dental exam, it’s an important decision to choose the right pediatric dentist who has experience treating children with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). Smartest ways to find a dentist you …

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School Burn Out – How to Deal

Parent Question by Birdi O. My son is burnt out at school, counting down till summer.  What are some tools I can use to keep him focused and thriving these last five weeks of school? Answer provided by Aviva Weiss, MS, OTR/L 1. I’d give empathy, really listen and repeat back what you hear. You can even provide an example from your own childhood where …

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The Listening Games: Hearing, Listening, and Processing

Sensory Detective Auditory Processing

How can a parent tell if their child is having hearing issues, or just not listening to them?  And are they hearing, but not processing what they are hearing?  The auditory system is often misunderstood by frustrated parents.  How often do you hear, “They’re not listening to me!”  Maybe the problem isn’t listening at all. I’ve found that the best way for a parent to …

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8 Tips for the Auditory Challenged

Auditory Processing Help

Does your Child Have Auditory Processing Dysfunction? Many parents don’t know that auditory processing dysfunction does not mean that their child can’t hear.  In fact, your child may hear too much.  For example, in a hearing test, your child will possibly hear the bell ringing in each ear and supposedly have excellent hearing, BUT that does not mean that they are processing what they are …

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Our Epson Salt Evolution: Baths to Bombs

Autism and Epson Salt Baths

Benefits of Epson Salt Baths Epson salts have been used for hundreds of years to detox the body, for gardening, and to ease sore muscles of athletes, but what are the benefits for people with autism? Help to flush toxins and heavy metals from the body (Source 1) Help to regulate the activity of more than 300 enzymes in the body (Source 2) May reduce …

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From Eye Contact to Eye Rolling

Eye Contact

The Evolution of Visual Social Skills First, let me start with why eye contact is important.  In the United States and many other Western Cultures, looking a person in the eyes is a sign of respect.  It signals that you are listening to the person speaking to you, giving them your attention, showing interest, appreciation, and understanding.  For our kids on various points of the …

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A Love Letter To My Son’s OT

OT Love Letter

Dear Therapists (Insert your name here), My child has received mountains of OT, a valley of SLP, fair amounts of ABA and behavioral therapy, is on the gluten free/casein free diet, and I measure a number of liquid vitamins and supplements a day into the recommended dosages.  I’ve read every book I can get my hands on (Thank goodness for “The Out-of-Sync Child” and “How …

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Child Hates Haircuts? Here’s Help!

Scissor Drama

Does your child hate to have their hair cut?  Is it a sensory processing issue?  Fear and anxiety issue?  Or maybe they just like longer hair and how it feels on their neck? My son has had long hair for most of his life.  It was kind of the Johnny Depp shoulder length messy bob cut (the celebrity has worn for about three decades – …

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