by Britt Collins, MS, OTR/L and Jackie Linder Olson

Sensory Parenting From Newborn to Toddler

All of us have had a sensory issue at one time or another. Maybe it’s your neighbor’s dog barking that bothers you or you can’t stand the texture of cottage cheese. Does it make you crazy to have a hat on your head? Do you avoid the mall at peak shopping times so you don’t have to be around crowds of people? These are common things that as adults we adapt to or avoid without giving them a second thought. What about your children’s sensory sensitivities? What if you could make parenting easier and more fun by taking your child’s senses into consideration? Imagine the possibilities because you can!
Britt Collins, M.S., OTR/L and Jackie Linder-Olson – an occupational therapist and parent team – have organized and combined parenting information along with sensory integration methods, tips and solutions. We’ve done our work, now it’s your turn! We’ve made it easy and fun and will help you avoid a lot of unnecessary battles between you and your child. It’s amazing how quickly our children adapt and the little adjustments that can make our days smoother. Who knew that our sensory systems affect every aspect of our lives? We all do now.  This books starts with your baby’s birth and takes you through their toddler years. Avail in Paperback and Kindle.


by Britt Collins, MS, OTR/L and Jackie Linder Olson

Sensory Parenting The Elementary YearsBeginning with the age of five, Britt and Jackie walk parents through everyday situations and duties all the way through your child’s elementary years. They explain the underlying reasons beneath your child’s negative behaviors and the often simple fixes (sometimes not so easy, but steps that will lead you towards success). Parenting can be less stressful when you’re not struggling with your child’s sensory systems. A child won’t outgrow auditory processing issues or tactile defensiveness without addressing the child’s needs. Working together, you will find that parenting can be more enjoyable if you address or avoid certain sensory situations or prepare for them accordingly. We’re here to help every step of the way!
A child’s sensory system affects their ability to learn, play, socialize and function. Maybe a child isn’t able to sit still in class because his shirt tag is bothering him. Or a child isn’t able to play with other children because his balance is off and other kids make him feel unstable and dizzy. Maybe your child isn’t just a picky eater – it could be that his sensory system needs some special guidance and adjusting. And with so much technology and choices of games out there, which ones are beneficial for your children to play? Available in Paperback and Kindle.


by Jackie Linder Olson

The Waiting PoolSince moving to Hollywood, Natalie’s ability to find humor and hope in every situation has always been her saving grace. A resilience she’ll need even more when her 2-year-old son is diagnosed with autism. Suddenly finding herself knee deep but drowning in the new world of “waiting pools,” where a child’s disability services are based on eligibility (aka how much money one makes or how famous they are), Natalie needs to find a way to pay for her child’s early intervention.

Desperate, she takes a job as the personal assistant to Johnny Stix, an A-list action star who is silver spoon spoiled. Cleaning up the myriad personal and professional messes he makes by the minute, reading him scripts, chauffeuring him all over LA in her minivan, and attending extravagant parties becomes Natalie’s new normal.  While bouncing between his fairy tale life and the reality of her son’s therapies and struggles, Natalie discovers that navigating and surviving Hollywood is much like dealing with the mysterious world of autism; that there are no clear answers, and no yellow brick road to magically follow towards success. Instead, like most things in life, you just have to jump in and decide if you’re going to sink or swim. Available in Paperback and Kindle.