Series Articles

SPD and …

This covers everything Sensory Processing Disorder and a specific experience. I draw from a lot of my personal experience with SPD, raising a child with SPD, the piling of research available and help from my OT friends. The articles are relatable for adults, but apply to children too.  I’m hoping to help parents see what their child may be experiencing but not able to articulate.

Disneyland Sensory Tips

Disneyland has been a part of my son’s sensory therapy. He wouldn’t get out of his stroller for months, but he was motivated by the park to venture into uncomfortable sensory situations. Eventually, he progressed to riding some of the rides! Please find all our favorite sensory activities by season here.

Sensory Book Reviews

These experts share their knowledge with us and I share what’s inside the books so that YOU can pick which ones will be the most helpful for you and your family.

Teenagers and SPD

I’ve found that most of the sensory processing information out there focuses on little kids. These things just don’t work on teenagers who are going through puberty and have entirely different issues that our elementary aged kids and toddlers. Find tips and advice on how to help your sensory kiddo as they grow!

Autism and Holidays

Those of us with kiddos on the spectrum know that holidays can be a challenge.  Or another challenge depending on your situation. Individuals on the autism spectrum can thrive at the holidays. Make your holidays the most enjoyable experience for you and your family. Do what works for YOU!

Peace and Love

What would a blog that wraps Autism in Peace and Love be without a Peace and Love Section? Find your dose of inspiration here.