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Temple Talks about Autism and sensory Issues

Temple Talks…about Autism and Sensory Issues

Dr. Temple Grandin

This is a short book, 123 pages, that is packed with information.  The book starts with excerpts from Dr. Temple Grandin’s speaking engagements.  She’s typical no nonsense Temple, with sound advice in each segment.  Advice that is applicable into your own or your child’s life.  There’s also brain scans and explanations to how the brain with autism works and WHY people with autism think the way that they do.
The emphasis in these segments is on:
  • Behaviors and learning
  • Manners and social skills
  • Anger management
  • Autistics working/career development
  • Sensory development (multi-sensory activities)
  • And the autism brain (including fear box differences)
The book then switches into question and answer format.  The questions are taken from Dr. Temple Grandin’s previous books including The Way I See It, Thinking In Pictures, and The Autistic Brain, and from questions asked at conferences and to Temple directly via email.   They cover the gamut of both sensory and autism specific questions.  She goes into her personal history, which inspires and educates simultaneously.
Question Examples are:
1. How do you feel about children’s book apps?  Are these better for learning?
2. What should teachers keep in mind when teaching kids with autism?
3.  How do you deal with teasing in high school?
And many more questions, which are quite long and detailed from a variety of sources, but too long to list.
Some important take-aways for me!
  • Teaching interaction with others.  I’m always shocked at the moms who tell me their kids don’t want to be social, so they don’t put them in activities.  Temple writes about the importance to socialize, especially if your kids don’t want to.
  • Learning to control anger.  This is big in the autism community.  She’s got great advice and personal experience.
  • Attention-Shifting Slowness.  Eye opening and should be mandatory reading for everyone who has autism or is around people with autism.
  • The fear box.  An ah-ha moment for me.  Helps me understand why my child is so fearful all the time.
But that’s just a glimpse of what’s inside Temple Talks…about Autism and Sensory Issues.
The audience for Temple Talks is parents who are overwhelmed and are weeding through massive amounts of information.  This book is useful because it’s divided into short bits that a parent can digest at their leisure.  It’s also great for a teachers, caregivers, or family member to understand the important things about autism and sensory needs. Sort of a cheat sheet for those without time to read temples library of work.
And for the Temple fan, like myself, I always enjoy re-reading her advice, a reminder of how my child’s brain works.   And I always discover something new, or maybe I had glossed over before because it didn’t pertain to me at the time.
Overall,another Temple gem. Temple Talks…about Autism and Sensory Issues is available at Sensory World (  At Sensory World you will find amazing sensory resources.  Check them out!
Temple Talks about Autism and Sensory Issues: The World's Leading Expert on Autism Shares Her Advice and Experiences