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Lifespan Walking Desk Review

Walking Desk Review

I’m a writer, a reviewer, a digital scrapbooker, and a reader, so basically I sit all the time.  For my health, I decided to invest in a walking desk, but since I have sensory processing disorder, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to use it without getting sick.

After months of researching the right machine for me, as this is an expensive item, I purchased the Lifespan TR1200-DT5 off Amazon for it’s delivery convenience.  I set the time for arrival and the company called the night before to confirm, and then again when they were twenty minutes away.  Two awesome delivery guys brought my three boxes upstairs and put it all together.  But, then I had to actually use it!

Walking Desk Fears

I get crazy car sick all the time.  Too many curves, or trucks in the next lane, and I’m down for the count.  So, how was I going to be able to type and walk at the same time without vomiting?

My balance is a nightmare.  I feared I’d slip to the side, or one of my knees would give out like a pony and I’d buckle to the ground.  Or would I get vertigo and fall off the machine.  Yes, that’s still a possibility, but it does have a safety strap that halts the treadmill movement in an instant.

Since I’m crazy noise sensitive, I wondered if the machine would be too loud and annoying and distracting.  FYI- it’s not.

Could I train my brain to focus on my computer screen while typing and walking?  I wasn’t sure, but for my health, I was determined to find a way to make it work.

Walking Desk Options

  • Desk Height.  One of the many reasons I chose the Lifespan walking desk was the ability to adjust the desk height.  If it’s too low, I find myself putting way too much pressure on my elbows to stabilize myself.  I also realized I was hunch backing it and that’s not good for anybody.  Through trial and error I found that I prefer the desk pretty high so that I’m standing up straight with my shoulders back, still using the padded elbow pad to balance.
  • Speed.  The Lifespan walking desk goes up to 4 mph, but I’m quite comfortable at 2 mph.  Since I’m on the machine for hours at a time, I don’t need to jog or run to get my daily steps in.  2.5 mph actually feels very fast for me and I’ll huff and puff, but maybe I’ll work up to that speed.
  • Desk Size.  The desk size is quite large and stable. If there was any movement in the desk, I don’t think I’d be able to do it at all.  The large desk with the elbow pads is what stabilizes me and enables me to move and type while still being able to focus and read.  While I’m able to fit my laptop, my notes, a diffuser, and my phone and still have room, I use a separate cup holder to ensure I don’t spill on my pages.

Walking Desk Experience

The first steps were not easy.  I instantly felt seasick when I tried to type and read it.  It was difficult to focus and I had to use a lot of upper body pressure on the elbow pads to regulate myself.  After 45 minutes I took a break and still felt dizzy while walking.  Not wanting to give up, I pushed onward, but kept the writing simple.  And Twitter was a definite no, scrolling gave me an instant headache.

As the days went on, my body started adjusting to the movement and typing simultaneously.  Perhaps my brain created new pathways to give me the ability to work while in motion.  Within two weeks, I felt like a pro.  Now, I crave it!  My sedentary lifestyle is a thing of the past and I feel twice as productive getting a workout while working.

I still have problems typing on my phone because holding it in the air while walking makes me ill, but again, using the computer is perfectly fine.

***Update: I’m dropping pounds! It’s been another two weeks of walk-working and without changing my diet, I’m losing weight. Hooray. But what I wanted to write about is it’s extremely hard for me to cut and paste documents while working, and I can’t write with a pen onto paper to save my life. It’s just too much for my sensory system. I stick to typing a document, or reading a document, or watching a work video, etc. BUT I have to save pen writing and cutting and pasting, organizing type editing for when I’m not in motion.

Walking Desk Tips

Take it slow.  It’s now a race.  The important thing is you’re moving while working!

Work in a cool room.  It gets really hot while walking and if you have SPD like me, heat is not your friend.

Clear Vision.  Position the walking desk where you will have clear view of your computer and not much else.  Any bright photos, windows, clocks moving, will add to the motion sickness if in your peripheral vision.

Be ready.  Gather everything you need before you start working.  Pens, phones, glasses, water, etc.  And go to the bathroom.  Eat a snack.  The less breaks you have to take, the deeper you can plunge into your work.  Stopping to get supplies makes it harder to get back on the machine.

Magnesium oil.  This seems random, but most of us are deficient in magnesium these days (soil and all, I’m not a scientist or doctor).  BUT for me, if I’m spraying magnesium oil on myself daily, I don’t get as motion sick.  This could be something to talk to your doctor about if you’re feeling dizzy or ill when trying to work on a walking desk.

Walking Desk Items

Some additional items you may need to compliment your Lifespan walking desk include a mat (not to ruin carpet), drink holder, and walking desk lubricant (read instructions, you have to apply this fairly often).  I enjoy a diffuser by me as well, and this one has spa music that drowns out my neighborhood noises.

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LifeSpan TR1200-DT5 Treadmill Desk